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Legendary Fitness Guide to Gym Etiquette


  • Do NOT talk to a lifter in the middle of a set
  • Re-rack all plates and dumbbells
  • Donít tie up machines by socializing between sets
  • Carry a towel and wipe down the equipment
  • Do not interrupt a lifterís line of vision during a heavy set
  • Keep your gym bag in the locker room
  • Wear appropriate workout clothing
  • Save the supersets for off-peak times
  • Follow time limits on cardio equipment during peak hours
  • Donít clang the dumbbells!
  • No yelling or stupid grunting
  • Donít stare at other lifters
  • Donít interrupt trainers that are currently training a client
  • Never throw the dumbbells on the floor after a lift
  • Allow other gym members to work in during busy times
  • If Richard Baldwin is training for a contest or photo session, stay out of the gym!!!!




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